We help business ideas take flight, by crafting creative and result oriented solutions

More than a boutique agency, GRYPHON is the fusion between creativity and performance.

GRYPHON aspires to aid inspiring businesses tell their incredible stories, by revealing their true potential and propelling it in a digital setting. Like the mythical creature, GRYPHON symbolizes the audacity to clear the fog, the bravery to break new ground, the precision to discover treasures, the insight to enhace its true potential and the confidence to lead them into the future.

Our mission is to create a positive impact on how businesses view themselves, by digitally transforming how they communicate with their customers.

our team

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Beatriz Salvada


Magdalena Sznigir

Senior Media Buyer

gryphon is built on 3 values:


While brands should always stay true to themselves, they should also strive to reinvent themselves every now and again, in order to remain revelant. With every project we face together, let us strive to improve your overall strategy, whether it is to optimise your marketing budget or improve your brand’s overall communication. Digital Marketing shouldn’t be such the boogeyman we make it out to be. So let us work from the ground up!

be smarter.


Unlike traditional brands, bolder brands are the ones that decide to take a stand. We believe that those that get out of their comfort zone and face their fears confidently, are the ones that in the end succeed. Uma atitude bold é a chave para atingir melhores resultados!

be bolder.

be authentic.


Brands that focus on creating an emotional connection with their audience and having a clear consistent message win.
We believe that GRYPHON embodies this value, for the level of transparency and honesty that I keep with my clients, from the beginning till the end of the partnership.
Our goal is to establish a real connection from the get go with you, our partner in crime!

Does your business need... A dash of innovation? A spark of creativity? A buzz of communication? A bang of attitude?